Sunday, July 02, 2006

Silence Myself

Life came to a standstill
Just dark before, just dark behind
Just dark below, just dark upside
Trying hard to see myself
There are lights far behind me
But receding away

Who is receding away, me or lights?
Don’t know; DON’T WANT TO KNOW
But what is before me
NO! There is nothing
I don’t see anybody
If nobody is there, whose scream is this?
Scream, I have n’t heard any
Have you?

Pure silence is here
Silence in (my) voice
Silence in my ears
Silence in my mind
Silence in my breast

Silence in my touch
Silence in my breath
Silence in my eyes
Silence in my tears

Silence, silence, silence is every where

OH! Now I know
The screams can be of silence
‘cause only silence is here
Can’t bare I it anymore
Stop please; please stop

Whom I am asking?
Nobody is here but me
Stop screaming myself
Silence Myself